Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I use FlipTrade?

Flip trade makes it easy for your customers to send information and photos of their trade-in vehicle so that you can give a fast accurate trade in value over the phone. FlipTrade saves you and your customer time and helps you deliver great customer service.

How does FlipTrade work?

Once you sign up, we will create your account. When a customer requests a quote on their trade in value, you simply send them to and provide them with your login info. They fill out the form, upload photos and click submit – It’s as easy as 1 2 3. An email will be sent directly to you with all the relevant information about the vehicle so that you can review and follow up with your trade-in offer.

Does FlipTrade charge a commission?

No, the dealer simply pays a flat fee subscription.

How do I sign up?

Contact Fliptrade to discuss your needs. Send us an Email  or Call 954.257.6943



Do I have to pay to submit my vehicle information through FlipTrade?

No, the dealer simply pays a flat fee subscription.

How do I login?

You must have the login info provided by a dealer. Click Login and enter the username and password that your dealer provided.

Don’t have login credentials from a registered dealer?

If you don’t have login credentials from a dealer, but would like to submit your vehicle to fliptrade, you may login as a guest with the following info:

Username: guest
Password: fliptrade

*Please expect a longer response time if submitting your vehicle as a guest user…

How do I upload my vehicle information?

Once you login, click the upload a vehicle tab, fill out the form, add photos, and click submit.

What happens after I submit my vehicle?

After you submit your vehicle information, you will see a confirmation on the screen that your information was sent. The dealer will receive an email with your info and will follow up with you directly with an offer for your trade.





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